Steer Your NEXT Sales Meeting to the Finish Line

Is it time for you to be in the driver’s seat of your sales meetings? The key to unlock this opportunity lies within you. According to Clinical Psychologist Shilpi Banerjee “How a sales person manages his and the client’s emotions can make or break a sale.” By managing your emotions in different situations you can…

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Are You Speaking the Right Love Language?


You help your wife every time she faces a problem with her gadgets but she often complains  you don’t care. You compliment your sister on her dressing style but she feels it has little meaning. You say ‘I love you’ to your husband at least twice a day but he complains you don’t love him.…

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We Work With People That We Trust!

762 handhsake man colleague office

Have you ever wondered? “Does my prospect believe in what I am saying?” “How do I communicate to them that I have their best interests in mind?” “Do they think I am being too pushy?” One solution for all these fears – Make them TRUST you! We work with people that we trust. We build friendships…

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How Can You Show Power and Assertiveness with Body Language?


We all want to come across as powerful, authoritative and in control of our lives. Below you will learn tips on how to use your body language to feel and show power. Please do remember, use your body language powers for good and not evil A steeple is a very powerful gesture of self-assuredness. When…

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How to Understand ‘Likes and Dislikes’ by Observing Body Language?


  In our day to day interaction with people, many times we are trying to understand whether someone likes us or not. Sales professionals would want to know whether a potential client likes their proposal or not. Or a speaker would want to know whether the audience likes their speech or not. To help us…

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